Welcome to the future of art
Introducing Folio, the world’s first NFT mobile marketplace. We created Folio to give the power back to the creators and make it much easier and less intimidating for the everyday collector.

As a private invite-only creative community for artists, the platform allows easy search and discovery of exclusive digital art in a simple and elegant way to showcase their portfolio and grow their artistry.

Folio's purpose is to become the primary way creatives get hired and showcase their art. The platform is designed to cultivate a strong artist culture in a collaborative and safe environment where artists can easily sell and promote their work. Diversity is built into Folio’s foundation, as the app exists as a space for underrepresented artists to be showcased.

We're still opening up, sign up for the waitlist and follow us on Twitter, DiscordInstagram.

The renaissance of art is coming...


Joey Primiani

Joey Primiani

Co-Founder & CEO

Mirko Kiefer

Mirko Kiefer

Co-Founder & CTO

Bjorn Acker

Björn Acker

Creative Engineer

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