The Black Feather

Fallen Aasimar 12th level Conquest Paladin/5th level Sorcerer Of Shadow Born of human parents, Fallen Aasimar was blessed by a ‘touch of grace’ by a Celestial as an infant and exhibited powerful angelic abilities as a youth. Aasimar are a rare and treasured commodity in Faerun, and at an early age she was sold into slavery for a small fortune by her parents. Chained and used as an occasional diversion, she was an expensive toy for a powerful aristocrat, Count Karros. She was a play-thing for his guests, chided into doing tricks for their amusement, toiling and tortured. But in her teens she received a second visitation. This time from a fallen angel who blessed (cursed?) her with new powers to wield and a new calling to heed. She now trained all of her will and abilities on one desire and one mission: to level the land. Surging with new purpose, a set of terrifying black wings, and a possibly incurable madness, she turned her considerable powers as a fuming sorceress warrior against her captors and against all those who would shackle or torment the weak. Still in her teens, she became a Joan Of Arc-like avenging angel, spreading justice and vengeance indiscriminately across the land. She founded the (ironically titled) Order Of Karros to do this work under her command. The Order has attracted a French Foreign Legion-like army of orphans and riff raff eager to serve her with religious devotion. Her inner circle is comprised of her military general, the dwarven warrior KIMATHI STORMHOLLOW; her chief advisor, the plague doctor PASTOR VINDUS SYNN; her terrifying understudy, the headless Dullahan CRICK EVERVENGE; and her most loyal servant and bodyguard, the massive Minotaur GOLDENFIELD. THE BLACK FEATHER STR: 14 DEX: 16 CON: 18 INT: 17 WIS: 11 CHAR: 22 AC: 22 HP: 191 Background: Inheritor Feats: Inspiring Leader, Shadow Touched, War Caster Inventory: Armor of Invulnerability, Acheron Blade