C³ 152 by Han

C³ 152 by Han The winner of this drawing will be sent the original C³ 152 NFT ( after the drawing closes. In order to facilitate this on-chain transaction, the winner will be contacted via email. **Participation Criteria** You must already own any one of the following nifties in order to participate in this drawing: - Inside Out by Nicolas Daniel - CryptoCube#4 - Bright by Arc4g - CryptoCube#142 - House Cube by Roger Kilimanjaro - CryptoCube#34 - Qbot 223 by Filip Hodas - CryptoCube#223 - Feeling cube, might delete by Alotta Money - CryptoCube#182 - Static Field by Victor Mosquera - CryptoCube#114 - FVCK CUBE #145// by FVCKRENDER - CryptoCube#145 - CryptoCube Data Sculpture #82 by Refik Anadol - CryptoCube#82 - ≈ by Han - CryptoCube#73