Home Planet

Made by DaniellaDoodles in collaboration with Hitch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Earth Day this year, this piece also offsets 1000+ mt of CO2 by funding climate action.... As a result, the 1000 mt CO2...offsets your footprint for the rest of your life. Annual carbon footprint of an individual in a developed country ranges from 10-16 mt CO2. (https://ourworldindata.org/per-capita-co2) Taking the high end of the range to be fair, we’ll put it at 16mt CO2/yr. So 1000mt offset / 16mt per year = 62.5 years offset. Offsets 5000x the footprint of an NFT. Average NFT has footprint of 200kg CO2. (https://memoakten.medium.com/analytics-the-unreasonable-ecological-cost-of-cryptoart-72f9066b90d) So 1000mt = 1,000,000 kg / 200kg per NFT = 5000x offset Via funding these climate projects: 100mt offset via Bull Run Forest Carbon Project in Belize https://offsetra.com/projects/bull-run Protects nearly 5,000 hectares of endangered forest in Belize. Verra Certified Project 900mt offset via Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar https://edenprojects.org/madagascar/ Plants over 10,000 mangrove trees in Madagascar. A mangrove tree sequesters 84kg of CO2 over lifespan. (https://raidboxes.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Carbon-Sequestration-in-Mangroves.pdf). Therefore, 10,714 trees will be planted to equal 900mt. Post purchase details: Certificate for Bull Run Project and receipt of funding of Eden Reforestation Projects will be emailed to the winner by the artist within 48 hours of close of auction.