Be More Flexible

A collaboration with the legendary graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and her then partner, design superstar Jessica Walsh. This animation was part of the "6 Things" exhibition that Sagmeister & Walsh created for the Jewish Museum in New York City. Famous for their physical approach to design and art, this was one of the first times S&W relied on digital animation as a way to achieve their ideas. This piece eventually it ended up being part of "The Happy Show", a massive exhibition that was hosted in places like Vienna's MAK, The Museum of Vancouver, MOCA in Los Angeles, the ICA in Philadelphia, etc. It was also featured in "The Happy Film", the documentary that marked Stefan's directorial debut. As a personal note, and as with many things I've created in the past, my technical side aches from the things I didn't know back then and how today I'd make them different, but at the same time it feels like such a milestone in my life, such a unique fruit born of a wonderful experience. A true rarity and a true token in my life.