The Ethereum Interdimensional Trip Machine

3D Visual Toy belonging to the first set of 2 works that inaugurate the collection The 3D Visual Toys ™ This Visual Toy and 3D collection represents an evolution and advancement of the artist's work in a search for new horizons and to bring the concept of the visual toy to new formats that are also close to digital sculpture. This new 3D universe will coexist with its other two branches of creation, ink on paper and Gif-Art. With this new collection the artist expands his message and opens a door to new possibilities within his creative style. The artist feels very excited to be able to take his famous Visual Toys to another step. This Visual Toy invites us to imagine experiments on Ethereum, matter translations, research and development, new concepts and is also an optimistic and happy tribute to this moment of explosion of cryptocurrencies. This work joins others by the artist on the theme of cryptocurrency, always with the unique, fun and imaginative vision of the artist. 3D Visual Toy Collection. Javier Arrés original exclusive artwork. 3D collaborators: Carlos Serrano Diaz Jose Luis Logroño Serrano