Krista Kim

8x8 Remix v. 1

Meditative Algorithmic Painting in Motion in collaboration with Efren Mur. Healing Sound Frequencies by Ligovskoi. 1920 x 1080, 3 mins. in length. "8x8 Remix" is a series of three unique NFT artworks by Krista Kim (Toronto) x Efren Mur (Berlin), music composed by Parisian Techno duo Ligovskoi. "I believe in the healing and transformational power of visual art + sound + meditation on an individual and a social level. Our society is experiencing digital overload; we have become addicted to our digital devices. Capturing moments on our iPhones and posting them on social media to earn “likes” has trumped the actual experiencing of life. Social behavior has become egocentric with more value being given to virtual popularity, than personal reflection. As a community, we crave authenticity and self-awareness. But how can we overcome our digital overload? 8x8 is a light and sound video installation that creates a meditative space for the viewer. Ligovskoi composed healing frequency music in correlation with the energy and visuals of my visuals. This immersive experience has a profound effect of calm, well-being and meditativeness. Buddhist Monks created Zen gardens over 1200 years ago to create a communal space that visually imparts a sense of meditativeness and mindfulness. Today, we are living in a digital environment, and we need digital experiences to help us decompress from the stresses of everyday life using the digital medium."