Krista Kim

No. 2027 v.1

Algorithmic painting in 4k resolution. This work is to be viewed on a large screen as a part of your environment. Digital Zen. In the digital age, data is power. Digital is fluid. We are more fluid. Unfortunately, we have seen the rise of surveillance capitalism by companies like Facebook and Google over the past decade. Lack of transparency, accountability and censorship have created major social divides and have threatened our fragile democracy. However, the end of Surveillance Capitalism is now on the horizon, through the advent of a crypto revolution and decentralization. This is a key moment in history, as we leave archaic and parasitic economic systems behind us through decentralization. The crypto revolution is silent, peaceful and efficient. Why is the gradient such a powerful symbol? The gradient transcends boundaries, transmuting colours into a unified spectrum that reveals unexpected beauty in collective unison—gradient beauty is the spirit of fluid digital culture. It represents hope, freedom, individual expression, innovation, co-creation, collaboration and co-existence. Multiple colours are integrated as one, just as we are diverse human beings brought together on the internet. We now transcend archaic, rigid schools of thought and belief systems to create new decentralized, transparent systems through the crypto revolution, allowing a holistic revolution to take shape. We are more fluid in race, nationality, sexuality, gender, politics, spirituality… we are a gradient.