If you’re interested in bidding over $50,000, you are eligible to pay with ACH, Wire, or other cryptos. Please fill out [the linked form](https://t.co/lwceht4MGs) or email us at verify@niftygateway.com to learn how to be allowlisted for bidding **THE PUER 1/1 + THE ULTIMATE NFT EXPERIENCE** An original 1/1 art piece created and drawn by Liam Payne, scored by Zedd and animated by Sillygabe featuring spoken word from Gary Vee - a prominent and consistent voice of positivity for all. Lonely Bug and the many sides of happiness. Safe, vulnerable, childlike, hopeful: It’s folklore that pop stars remain emotionally grounded in the time they became famous. Shielded in a childlike state. Concepted by Liam Payne, Zedd and Sillygabe during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 when all of us, no matter who we are, became confined to our own four walls. The Lonely Bug seeks to capture the emotions and experiences of everyone, as our own existence withdrew to a childlike simplicity. A moment in time that allowed us to reflect on what we need to be happy. A child is filled with hope and anticipation, anything is possible. Dreams can come true. That moment of innocence that every child is born with before any illusions get shattered, their love never torn apart. Is this true happiness? Do not let anyone dampen the child in you. **THE ULTIMATE NFT EXPERIENCE TOKEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY FANCHAIN** Bringing the art to life, the auction winner and a guest will receive the exclusive invite to a once-in-a-lifetime immersive dining experience at Resorts World Las Vegas. This exclusive event will provide the opportunity to dine with the art creators Liam Payne, Zedd, Sillygabe and Gary Vee and a selection of crypto leaders from around the world, including Nifty Gateway Founders Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster; crypto and psychedelics evangelist, Christian Angermayer; Galaxy Digital CEO, Mike Novogratz; Founder and CEO of Block.one. Brendan Blumer; Founder of Social Chain, Steven Bartlett; DJ/Producer and pioneer in the crypto/NFT space, 3LAU; innovative businesswoman and successful NFT creator Paris Hilton and other very special guests. **THE PHYSICAL TOKEN** The physical token also includes a bespoke commemorative presentation box containing the world’s leading holographic display, The Looking Glass Portrait with audio delivered by a JBL speaker. An authentication laminate signed by the creator’s and a custom made Lonely Bug commemorative coin. **Plus:** a unique QR code directing the owner to a special ‘Director’s Cut’ edit of the documentary ‘Making Of Lonely Bug Collection’ which features unreleased footage from the day of the drop showing the creators' reactions when the winning bids came in.